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They call themselves The Syndicate. The werewolf Rossey clan, the mage Winstale clan, the fae Glovefox clan, the demon Devil clan and vampire Desmond clan. The five paranormal families who rule the criminal underground.


Being a vampire boss's daughter was a lot of work. Being the only girl heir from the five families, I’d always had to work harder, fight dirtier, care less. It made me into the woman I was today, causing fear in my enemies and a bloody trail for those who betray us.


​Then my dad sprung on me that the other bosses and their sons were coming into town. They wanted us heirs to all meet, to bond with each other.


​To top it all off, my dad shocked the hell out of me by throwing out a challenge to the other heirs. Whoever could keep me in their possession, by force or choice, for twenty four hours, would win the right for my hand in marriage.


The other bosses were all for it, wanting to get their man whoring, untamable, or workaholic sons to settle down finally, but I was not some prize to be won.


I was Rayla Desmond, a force all her own. A Syndicate princess that was not to be messed with, so these boys better be ready for me because I’m coming in for blood.


This is an urban paranormal RH romance, which means the main female character doesn't have to choose a love interest. This book has dark themes, stalker vibes, adopted brother taboo, childhood trauma, death, gruesome, bloody violent scenes and graphic sex.


This story isn't about heroes or saving the world, it's about villains and what they are willing to do to keep what's theirs. They don't care about the greater good, only their made family and the money that keeps them going. This is for those morally gray readers that love a bad ass female and the psycho men that are obsessed with her.

Syndicate Princess (Syndicate Mafia #1)

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