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Smart girls are not supposed to end up in the mental ward. At least that’s what they tell me. 

Hi, I'm Ember Kingston. I am a recent PhD grad in BioChemistry and science is my life. One day my dad, a neurobiologist, called asking for my help with his passion project in Russia then the next thing I know I wake up at Sintrum Medical Institute, more specifically the mental ward. 


They told me that I have a psychotic break. . . that I did something. . . that I killed someone. 


The worst part is I don't remember the whole month I was in Russia. I remember getting on the plane and then. . .I'm here. I need to get my memories back. I need to know what really happened because if what they tell me is true I don't think I can come back from that. 


While I am figuring this all out I have found new allies that are determined to help me get my memories back but they have secrets of their own and that just brings out the curious scientist girl out in me. . .but it doesn't matter. I will use them if I need to because my future depends on it. 

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Crazy People

My Alpha Team Series  #1

They say smart girls are not supposed to end up in the mental ward – that’s not my experience.

I had my life all figured out. Focus on my studies, get my Ph.D., and make a scientific breakthrough. As I am about to cross the finish line, my dad calls, asking for help with his project in Russia. Next thing I know, I’m waking up in Sintrum Medical Institute – specifically the mental ward.

They tell me I had a psychotic break. That I did something very bad to someone I love. That I’m dangerous. The worst part is, I don’t remember. The memories of that month are gone.

I need to get my memories back. I need to know what really happened, because if what they say is true, I don’t think I can come back from that.

Just when I’m starting to lose hope, I find new allies that are just as determined to help me get my memories back, but. . .they have secrets of their own.

Finn, the newbie crazy who makes my heart race even when he lies.

Coal, the angry guard who is kind to me one minute and a dick the next.

Jace, the angelic doctor who constantly makes me feel like I’m in the midst of a chess match.

And Dameon, my benefactor who oozes darkness and violence but has only ever shown me compassion.

It doesn’t matter what they’re hiding – I need to get out of here. I will use them if I need to because my future depends on it.

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Agent People

My Alpha Team Series #2

Dodged two assassination attempts? Check

Escaped Sintrim Medical Facility with four sexy men? Check

Retrieved my missing memories? Eh, I'm working on it.

After breaking out of SIN with Finn, Jace, Coal, and Dameon, I find myself diving head first into the world of The Organization—a secret underground world of spies who are currently after me for my missing memories.

The guys promise to keep me safe, to help me get vengeance, and to retrieve my missing memories, but that proves to be impossible when we can't get into contact with their directors, who started this whole thing.

As I find myself an unwilling pawn in their world, I discover that things are not what they seem and something much darker is happening within each of their agencies.

What's a girl to do when the odds are stacked against her? When retrieving my missing memories comes with the risk of death?


My Alpha Team  Series #3

US People

I finally have my memories, finally know what happened in Russia, and it's not good. 


Our enemies already have a jump on their plans, and I’m not sure if we have enough time or manpower to take them down. But we have to try. I have to try. 


Not all my memories are nightmares. I remember all the love and time spent with Dameon, which solidifies my relationship with him, but I've grown to love Finn, Coal and Jace too. I can't give them up. I won't. Will they accept that—accept each other?


The clock is ticking, and we need to move fast. We need rogue agents to join our fight despite everything that is currently broken. We have to stop the bad guys in time to fix everything they have torn apart. And I need to get revenge on those that hurt my loved ones. 


Can we come together as a team before time runs out and nothing is left?

Trigger warning: In one character's backstory contains and off scene child rape.

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Obsessions of the heart

An Ambros Brothers Duet #1

I've had a hard life.

Orphaned at birth and living in a small broke town, one that believes I'm a cursed child. The bringer of bad luck.

I tried to escape the stigma, to create something better for myself. It all came crashing down one night and my world shattered.

While dealing with the aftermath, an unbelievable opportunity landed in my lap. A scholarship to attend an exclusive university far away. This was my chance to start fresh.

With nothing left to lose, I take it.

I didn’t expect to run into a blast from my past. The Ambros triplets. My only friends at the orphanage until they were adopted, and I never saw them again. These boys are now grown and everything about them calls to me.

They want to make good on their promises all those years ago. They want to protect me. Take care of me.

The longer I’m around them the more I see their wants bleed into something dark, something obsessive.

I know it's wrong, but why does it feel so good?

This is a reverse harem dark romance where the good guys and bad guys are blurred, nothing is quite as it seems, and its hard who to know who you can trust. This is a romance where the FMC doesn't have to choose between love interests. I want to make sure that you are taking care of your own mental health and I have listed some themes that this book will touch on; Early childhood abuse, sexual assault, drugging of FMC, graphic violence/torture/murder, dark stalker obsessions & a light non/dub-con

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