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I was a broken and discarded siren princess. The one who's voice called to no one. Left mateless, a disappointment to my mother, and an outcast among my people, I got off siren island and joined the supernatural task force for the CIA.

Now, I went after bad guys and made sure they never saw the light of day. That was until some sadistic vampire smelled my blood and went a little blood crazed.

Forced to use the nearest werewolf around me to throw off my scent, I got out of that bar and went home with him. I didn't know he was a part of the Moon Raiders, an MC gang of unstable wolves that made their own misfit pack. I didn't expect my siren song to pull me towards the leaders. To feel their pain and be compelled to soothe it.

These men were just like me; unfixable, unacceptable, unlovable.

Could six shattered pieces make a whole? Do I even want to try?

This is a book apart of the Ladies of MC shared world which is a series of standalones featuring different women. This is a reverse harem book, which means the love interest doesn't choose between the men. It's an insta-lust, fated mates, story that has dark themes & graphic sex scenes. TW- past trauma evolving: child slavery, homelessness, parent abuse, mental and physical abuse, gang wars and death. 

Celine: Ladies of MC

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