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We delivered a deep cut to the enemy, but not deep enough.


Zayden, Rykon and Ajax are now in my corner, mostly, and working towards our goal—dethroning the evil king. Things get complicated as we try to make plans and Vance, the crown prince and my best friend, finds a solution. One that might save us a lot of time and bloodshed. The catch? The journey alone might kill us.


I’m nervous about going into the uncharted territory of the badlands, but that’s why I’m taking the guys with me. Ajax, who can fight beside me, Rykon, who can work in the shadows, and Zayden, who could talk the knife out of a cutthroat’s own hand.


After a lot of hardship and some eye-opening experiences, we finally get to our destination and are shocked with unbelievable news. News that might just destroy all the relationships I have carefully built around myself.


I can’t help but think, is getting rid of the king worth my life as I know it?

Assassin's Quest (Assassins of Onisea #2)

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