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What happens with duty and love clash? When what you know versus what you feel are at odds? You refuse it, of course.

Trained by the best since birth, I've been molded in my father's image - strong, fearless, and deadly. Then he died unexpectedly, and my world shattered.

But all was not lost. He left me a note. Gave me a purpose. He wanted me to take up his mantle and become the king's next assassin.

This was my shot, my time to shine, to honor my father's memory and prove that all of my lessons weren't a waste. The only problem? The king demanded the heads of Rykon, Ajax and Zayden, the three heirs of the city's major guilds. Those are the three heads of the men I gave my heart to six years ago. The three men I left behind without a word. The only three heads I can't kill.

With no choice but to run, I hide in the one place I know they wouldn't dare look. The one place no one chooses to go - the slums. It's there that I start to build a life.

That all changes when I get news from an old friend. News that turns everything upside down. 

Now, I have a new purpose - I want revenge. But I need help in order to pull it off. Help from those same men I left all those years ago. I need to make them an offer they can't refuse. 

Trigger Warning: This book contains graphic scenes, harsh language, killing, torture and child slavery. Rape is mentioned. Graphic sex that involves blood play. This is a Reverse Harem. The Heroine does not choose one love interest but is involved with all.


"Imperfection is Beauty, Madness is Genius & its better to be Absolutely Ridiculous then be absolutely boring."

- Marilyn Monroe



      Hey! I am Kira Stanley and I am an indie author of different types of romance. I find that I gravitate toward contemporary, fantasy and paranormal stories that swirl around in my head but I don’t like to limit myself. What I really like to write is true and meaningful love, the love that forces you to see the dark and the light of people and love.

      I am also fascinated with good and evil, pain and pleasure, what you show people vs what you think. I think the complexity of these notions transform romance from the "sorry sappy" romance stereotype to romance that compliments life experiences. I think this is where you find the truest unconditional love that we ALL want. 

​      Most of my books will also have a layer of humor because I find that if you can’t find something to laugh about in life it’s not really worth all the pain. I LOVE fierce feisty female leads that hold to their morals and find the one(s) that make life worth living. 

Love should be worth everything, ​

- Kira Stanley

Indie Author Vibes

There is a whole world out their built of Indie Authors that I never knew about. I started as a reader and once I stumbled into it I got addicted. I just can’t stop guys! I diched mainstream reading and dove in head first. Fast-forward one year and I decided (also it was 2020) that all those characters that ran around in my head deserved to be put down on paper (the internet). 

I found out really quickly being Indie writer is not easy. You think you just write the book (still not easy) and then BAM you’re done. NOPE! But I am learning one day at a time and I hope you enjoy my ride. 


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