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The Syndicate reigns supreme.

I showed our fathers who the real leader of this group was, who could weather any storm.

I found Lex, the last of our lost faction, and brought him into the fold to make us whole.

Secrets were exposed, lies shattered, and in the end, we defeated our enemies, together.

Now, I get to live my life bloody happy with my newfound mates, right? I should’ve known it wasn’t going to be that easy.

What happens when you have six headstrong, opinionated, and deadly individuals left to rule the criminal underground? Individuals that have had only months to get used to each other. Could we ever find our true happily ever after?

Will we ever tame our crazy dads? What about that promise to birth the next generation of Syndicate leaders? Don’t think I forgot about that little detail…

All I know is there’s still a lot for us to do to become unstoppable, but we will, because the Syndicate always prevails.

This is a collection of three novellas that continue to follow Rayla and her men. You will get to see some inner workings, backstories, and get a more complete ending to their story. These should be read after Syndicate Princess and Syndicate Queen. Make sure to strap in for a ride and watch out for those pesky dad’s and their conniving ways.

Content Warning: 

This is a dark RH urban paranormal mafia romance. This means that the female doesn't need to choose between the male love interests. Also, this book has graphic violence and sexual scenes that are not appropriate for people under 18. There is graphic group sex the includes double vaginal penetration and primal play. Everyone is a consensual adult. These are supernatural beings that have regenerative bodies and don't get STD's. Please don't think that us mere mortals can make the same sexual choices. 


"Imperfection is Beauty, Madness is Genius & its better to be Absolutely Ridiculous then be absolutely boring."

- Marilyn Monroe

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About Crazy Little Me

      Hey! I am Kira Stanley, I'm an indie Reverse Harem author that dabbles in contemporary, fantasy and paranormal stories. I find that I tend to write strong female characters. They could be smart and funny, they could be strong and tough or they can be innocent yet moral and true. They all have an inner strength that they tap into in order to live their lives. This is something that I think women today do all the time! I LOVE fierce and feisty female leads.


      The men I write tend to be dark and broody, maybe a little broken of spirit or mind. Sometimes they are just too devoted that it ends up crossing the line into obsessive/psychotic. There is just some deliciously wonderful about a strong scary man being a complete and utter teddy bear for their woman. 

​      Most of my books will also have layers of humor in them because I find that if you can’t find something to laugh about in life it’s not really worth all the pain.

I hope you enjoy my characters and the worlds they live in!

Love should be worth everything, ​

- Kira Stanley

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Indie Author Vibes

There is a whole world out their built of Indie Authors that I never knew about. I started as a reader and once I stumbled into it I got addicted. I just can’t stop guys! I diched mainstream reading and dove in head first. Fast-forward one year and I decided (also it was 2020) that all those characters that ran around in my head deserved to be put down on paper (the internet). 

I found out really quickly being Indie writer is not easy. You think you just write the book (still not easy) and then BAM you’re done. NOPE! But I am learning one day at a time and I hope you enjoy my ride. 


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