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The heirs and I had stumbled upon something suspicious; something that was going on in my city right under our noses. A new drug had popped up, affecting only the paranormal community. People were starting to go missing, and those that we caught started babbling about how he was going to take the Syndicate down for good. 


That was never going to happen. No one ruled the criminal world but us, and we don’t mind making a mess of anyone who stands in our way. 


Following a bloody battle, I was saved by someone I never thought I would see again, someone who was supposed to be dead. Someone who belonged to the Syndicate.

I needed to get him back.


Right as we began to unravel some leads for both our missing heir and the drug problem, my dad and the other bosses went missing. Can’t a girl catch a break?


We needed to get our dads back, we needed to stop whoever was controlling these drugs, and most of all, these heirs better fall in line because I was Rayla Desmond, the Syndicate Queen, and I don't need any Kings.


This is an urban paranormal RH romance, which means the main female character doesn't have to choose a love interest. This book has dark themes, stalker vibes, adopted brother taboo, torture, death, gruesome, bloody violent scenes and graphic sex. Sex involves: DP, DVP, Dirty Talk, Group Sex and Horn play. 


This story isn't about heroes or saving the world, it's about villains and what they are willing to do to keep what's theirs. They don't care about the greater good, only their made family and the money that keeps them going. This is for those morally gray readers that love a bad ass female and the psycho men that are obsessed with her.

Syndicate Queen (Syndicate Mafia #2)

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